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70's and Space Age Collectables

Weltron 2005

With AM/FM radio, turntable and 8-track in my favourite color

Wynford Hall

An impressive multiband radio and 8-track, but difficult to show on a picture. Looks like an alien..

Built in speakers on both sides.


Radio with AM/FM, 8-track player and available in 3 colors.

Weltron Radio

On the left with a transparent black dome. You'll see 2 green dials and an orange pointer glow inside when powered up!

Weltron 8-track recorder

On the right. The 2 dials for AM and FM light up green and red when powerd up.


Another Space Age radio and 8-track player

More Weltron Power

with the JVC Videosphere


Italian AM/FM stereo portable in cube design by A&P Castiglioni from the 60's! Shown folded open and closed.

Standard Milano Phone

in dark green plastic from Italy, design by Telcer Bobo

Alexander Graham Plane

by Northern Telecom, commonly known as the "Airplane Phone".

My 70's display

Weltron, Aquatron, JVC Video Capsule, Panapet, Toot-a-Loop, Coca Cola radios and more. - Copyright Erik Prins

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