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Download Repository for jukebox's V.3-1 - V.4-0 - V.USB1-1 - V.Steroids1-1

Contributions from message board members are more than welcome. You'll get full credit for your contributions. Your hacks and improvements have to match the original image as published or others cannot use them.
More specific I think about new scripts, script changes, scripts to install USB devices, background gifs, flash intros and how to's. I'll need a small description and which version it should go with.
Contributions that need libs should include a summary of those and I will add them. In general it should be possible to download these hacks uncompressed direct in Audrey with voyager for ease of use. If you have something let me know.
I will publish small improvements myself here that will be included in later updates.
Together we can give Audrey users more choices to customize their Audrey the way they want.

Read my Audrey Hackers Manual.

This goes for most downloads. Most files you can copy over the old ones, unless noted otherwise. If you want to keep your old file, use FileManager or mv to rename the old file first with the help of Edit/Rename (add extension .old) and save the download in place of the original. Now you can always do the opposite and rename the new file (add extension .new) and bring the old file back. Executables need a chmod +x or highlight the file and use File/Inspect... with FileManager and check all three "execs" and press done with the same result as a chmod +x. If you use a new .cfg file all your own previous changes for that app will be gone, if any at all. You can compress large executables by using the cmp command in their respective /.cmp/directory. If I tell you to save in /.cmp/.. the file is compressed already and with most executables and libs you have to chmod +x the file in their regular directory (without /.cmp) to make them executable again. Always have a flash card available for emergencies.

Another QNX Image

Version 3-1

Use voyager to download direct in Audrey. Always hold Shift before downloading:

Version 4-0

Download utilities, renice will allow you to change priorities, nice will allow you to set priorities of apps and use "app-name" gives you a manual on screen: If you print a lot with Audrey "Spooler Ctrl" could be a nice extra feature: For serious MP3 playing I recommend using phjuke. Start original phjuke as follows:
nice -n-5 /yourshare/phjuke (Replace yourshare with the name of your share) and MP3 playing will work like a charm. Or even better use the new and better phjuke from davinci, using renice.

QNX Audrey Platform with QNX USB support

Version USB1-1

Always hold Shift when downloading with voyager. When saving compressed files don't forget to use chmod +x in their regular directory (without /.cmp) to make them executable again.

If you print a lot with Audrey "Spooler Ctrl" could be a nice extra feature:

Take full advantage of the networking capabilities in this image by downloading your script choice, instead of editing them. "Save as" in /kojak, press Config/Use USB twice and reboot for the change to take effect. See the manual how to activate qnet.

Before you can use pppoe download these 2 files first before you reboot: To have the full advantage of the full stack use /nto/photon/mount, ifconfig and: By adding the following links in /kojak/ you will have the use of the RTP mount and all it's extra features from anywhere in Audrey and you won't be bothered by the hard coded crippled mount in Audrey anymore:
ln -sP /nto/photon/bin/mount /proc/boot/mount
ln -sP /nto/photon/bin/mount /nto/bin/mount

Use these utilities in addition to nice and renice:

For serious MP3 playing I recommend using phjuke. Start original phjuke as follows:
nice -n-5 /yourshare/phjuke (Replace yourshare with the name of your share) and MP3 playing will work like a charm. Or even better use the new phjuke from davinci, using renice, included in this image already too.

Audrey on Steroids

Version Steroids 1-1

For serious MP3 playing I recommend using the new and better phjuke by davinci and MP3 playing will work like a charm.

Uncompressed files you download need to be compressed in their respective /.cmp/.. directory. Use cd in terminal to go to their /.cmp/.. directory and use cmp to compress the file with cmp "file-name" after you have downloaded all you want.
In general uncompressed libs don't need chmod +x, only when you have problems I suggest you do a chmod +x on them. All executables do need a chmod +x to make them executable again.

I assume you download what you need. You have enough storage space to download all of them and if you compress them properly you will still have about 2 meg of storage space. Reboot before you start the downloads, you'll need a clean /tmp dir for compression.

I recommned you download first, do the chmod +x where necessary and when everything works as advertised you do the compression of the files. Here is an example:
When you have saved mpegaudio in /nto/photon/bin
You make the file executable again in Terminal with: chmod +x /nto/photon/bin/mpegaudio
chmod is an executable and +x are parms. If you do it right all that happens is getting the prompt back.
To compress the file, first use this command in Terminal: cd /.cmp/nto/photon/bin
Next: cmp mpegaudio and you'll see the compression on screen, showing the file size before and after compression.
For other files you just adjust the path accordingly as needed, depending on where you saved them.

Make your choice from these apps. Sometimes you need two of them as indicated.

All these files above need a chmod +x /nto/photon/bin/"file-name" in Terminal to make them executable again.

Enable MP3 in Audrey with this excellent original hack from suicidal:

Download the MP3 player of your choice or both and don't forget to chmod +x:

While you're busy why not download Realplayer too (but only after you downloaded the MP3 libs/dll), especially if you want to setup Audrey for MP3 playing over HTTP:

To use the new plugins in voyager, edit the first two lines in Edit/Preferences/Applications and delete "-P voyager.server", leave the remainder of the line there: kojak-realplayer "%s" and tap Apply and Done when ready.
While in Edit/Preferences don't forget to set the cache on /tmp

If you downloaded phplay you can edit the lines for the other audio plugins too, including MP3.
The line shoud read: phplay -u "%s" and tap OK, Apply and Done when ready.
If you're happy with the changes remove: rm /kojak/kojak-phplay and you're all set.
For serious MP3 playing I recommend using phjuke from a share with your MP3 files and it will work as good as in original Audrey.

After downloading these apps you can use a new shelf too:

After downloading use terminal to change dir (cd) to their respective /.cmp/.. directory and use cmp to compress the files you just downloaded, except for MP3 and shelf.cfg.

I want to thank Sean_F for his discovery CPU Monitor was causing network problems in shelf. Thanks to him these problems are finally resolved.
I want to thank ghansah for his discovery to use the nice utilty to set the priority of phjuke and play MP3's from a share without hick-ups, clicks and interrruptions.

New modules for download will be made available on a regular basis. Contributions from others are very welcome. They will receive full credit for any orginal contribution that works on any image. Please post any questions about these downloads here.

Why download a whole "new" image when you can do the same with a few files?

A whole new ball game is taking shape to customize your image by davinci27. He really knows what he is doing with QNX and Audrey. You can download his new and better phjuke, Random Picture Screen Saver, Web Saver and more. New stuff appearing there almost dayly.