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Chicago Show fall 1984

My nicest picture.. Will be difficult to beat this one today. None of these jukes are part of my own collection, just wanted to share this one with you..

If you want to see this picture really large, click on it.

All photos after the next are made from my own collection, past and present.

This is becoming "nested" nostalgia.. The sign reads: 5 V200 $2,500

Erik's Collection - Past and present

Wurlitzer 2300

and its companion Wallbox with 200 selections. As a late fifties model with stereo sound, it wasn't considered a real collectable. But still I liked it. And it was a thankful restoration project!

Wurlitzer 1500

The heaviest and most complicated Jukebox of all times. And a fantastic Wallbox with 104 selections. This complicated and vulnerable intermix machine was the beginning of the end for the old Wurlitzer Co.

Wurlitzer 1015

This was an easy one! Just had to plug it in.. connect the speaker.. and the wallbox

A nice AA replica speaker..

Walboxes..more Wallboxes..

I was intrigued by remote equipment. Really don't know why. I had wallboxes everywhere in the house, most were connected too and working. My Wurlitzer 1100 is still hooked up with 3 wireless wallboxes

Seeburg V200

This Seeburg was one of my nicest restorations. I loved the sound. I show it here with the much older large Teardrop speaker. Also a beauty.

Ofcourse I had the 200 selections wallbox hooked up too. Since that's one of the most well known wallboxes I don't show it here.

AMI Continental 2

My first jukebox.. I bought the jukebox in Amsterdam, the Wallbox in Antwerp and finally I found the stepper unit in Basel. At the time in the late seventies, I was told this couldn't be done.. but this wallbox had to work!

My dear wife..

Here with my first and my last Jukebox. She saw all those jukeboxes come and go over a period of 15 years.. and never understood why I spend so much time restoring them..

The replica 950 is from the one hundred Antique Apparatus made in the early 80's. What a great job!

Antique Apparatus CD-91

with replica stand

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