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Erik's Antique Radios

Zenith Chairside

with Robot dial and tuning eye. A stunning Deco set from 1939.


just read a book and relax with this chairside...


from France on the right in a classic Deco design

General Electric

As found on the left. This floor model radio still needs some work, but the sound is fantastic with dual 6V6 output tubes.


Console radio on the right, also as found, still all original parts, never had a failure.. Plays like new, but will get new caps when I have time.


My only wood table top in a simple Deco design, with shadow meter.

Kadette International Tunemaster

This is a nice gadget, tunes and sets the volume from most old tube AM radios. And does that wireless.

You'll need only one to tune a room full with radios all at once. A must have for the antique radio collector who wants to show off his collection the easy way!

AWA Radiolette

The Empire State Radio from the Aussies. This is a late model from 1939 with a 4 octal tube set. No on/off switch on these sets, but what a nice Deco styling. This model has a bakelite back too.

It's a rather small cabinet with lots of detail. The cabinet is filled from top to bottom with a typical mid thirties design chassis.

Thank you Peter and Steve for all your info from down under!


one of its most desired designs, made in 1938. After so many years this strong Machine Age design still looks futuristic...

Sonora "Excellence" 301

designed in U.S., made in France with mirrored dial, nicknamed the Cadillac.

Stewart Warner "Varsity"

a very nice Deco design with 4 small catalin presets.

Definately one of my favourites...

Bush Radio

from England with a Taiwanese cousin

KB - Toaster

On the left from England.


On the right. I confess.. but isn't the chrome nice...


with chrome front


On the left with tuning eye.

Setchell Carlson

On the right, like new.

Catalin Speaker

English origin from early 30's, only 5". Someone drilled 4 small screw holes to hold the speaker inside. The good news is it still has its orginal speaker and metal screen.

Tesla "Bullet"

on the left in maroon


on the right in marbled bakelite


from Italy, in brown bakelite and with regular U.S. tube complement

RCA Victor

on the left designed by John Vassos

Philco "Boomerang"

On the right. Very dirty when found, but was easy to restore

Lumitone Lamp Radio - Zenith Trans-Oceanic


On the left. A nicely designed radio with an eye for details.


On the right in a strong and simple deco design.


steel Deco cabinet with radio, mic, wire recorder and pickup, records and plays. - Copyright Erik Prins

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