Go Wireless!

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Wurlitzer Wall Box

with Wireless transmitter

plugged in
Two tubes are visible, a 6X5 and 6V6. The signal is transmitted over the power lines to the receiver in the jukebox.

All you have to do is plug in the wall box in a power outlet in the same circuit as the jukebox and make your selections. In the past wall boxes were a great money maker. Most patrons made the same selections and the record was played only once..

A wall box was mounted near each table in many restaurants. Patrons made their selections while seated at their table. In a time that one play was 5C only, each could easily bring in 25C to 50C.

No wires!

Wireless Receiver

The red chassis is the stepper & wireless receiver, here built in a Wurlitzer 1100. The audio amplifier is visible above. Everything is covered with dust..

The sensitivity of the wireless receiver can be adjusted. While doing this a tuning eye can be inserted in the receiver. After all equipment is set up properly selections can be made from any place where a wireless wallbox is plugged in.

No more wiring needed!

The wireless Bar Box setup.

The impulse transmitter is setup separate in the Master Unit, capable to serve up to six bar boxes.

Wurlitzer 1100

The center piece in this wireless high-tech setup from the 40's.

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